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Virgin Krill Oil

Virgin Krill Oil

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1,000 mg of Virgin Krill Omega 3


The Virgin Krill Oil™ Story:

Harvested in the pure, pristine waters of the Antarctic Ocean, Virgin Krill Oil™ is extracted from a tiny, shrimp-like, marine crustacean known as Euphausia Superba (Krill). Virgin Krill Oil™ is one of the cleanest wild sourced omega-3 supplements offered on the market today. Comprised of a unique complex of omega-3 fatty acids, Virgin Krill Oil™ is recognized as a potent and naturally stable omega-3 dietary supplement.

Unlike fish oil, the omega-3 in Virgin Krill Oil™ are found in the phospholipid form which are believed to be more easily used by the human body. The phospholipids found in Virgin Krill Oil™ also help to mitigate, the unpleasant reflux (“burp back”) and fishy aftertaste consumers often experience with standard fish oil supplements.

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